Dear Family and Friends,                                                                                                                                                                            Christmas 2011


Here is a pictorial review of SOME of the highlights of our year (limited by space and lack of pictures).


DSC08682.JPG                DSC08682.JPG

We camped on Hutchinson Island, FL mid Jan.- March.                                          Valentines’ day on air boat West of Fort Pierce, FL.                               


DSC08682.JPG                DSC08682.JPG

DSC08691.JPG                DSC08705.JPG

DSC08653.JPG                DSC08674.JPG

 Pictures taken on air boat ride.


On April 27 an EF4 Tornado visited our neighborhood.  We were home but uninjured.  It killed 8 within 2 miles of us,

17 in the one storm.  Only 3 were injured on our street.  Pictures below.  Story at



DSC08853.JPG                DSC08863.JPG

Our house had only $53K in damage.   There was only cosmetic damage to our trailer.



Wasmer’s house was directly across street.


DSC08845.JPG                DSC08845.JPG

Huggin’s house was next to Wasmer’s.                                                                               Huggin’s house better seen in aerial view.


DSC08849.JPG                DSC08852.JPG

Gillmore’s house was the next up the hill.                                                                          Wagner’s live at the top of the hill.


DSC08853.JPG            DSC08858.JPG

Anderson’s live just below Wagner’s on our side of the road.



Smith’s house was on the corner below ours.


DSC08925.JPG            DSC08938.JPG

May gathering at Diamonds in NC  Diamonds. Fishers, Frazers, Bruckners                                                                     Triple Falls



May 20, 2011 – Dinner with Hodders and Andrea at Old Mill.


DSC09044.JPG            DSC09010.JPG

In May we attended Janice Neumann’s wedding in MA area.



In June - Mary’s 50th reunion from AA in MI.


DSC09272.JPG            DSC09276.JPG


Weekend gathering at Bill and Barb Fisher’s house in IN at beginning of our vacation.


DSC09296.JPG            DSC09309.JPG


Biking in MI including Mackinaw Is. with Diamonds and Andersons.  Note “Queen Mary” in her chariot.



Weekend with Marlene & Terry Seifert in Door County WI.


DSC09362.JPG            DSC09365.JPGDSC09367.JPG

Biking in WI with Andersons.  Mary met us for lunch about midway on the trail.


God bless and have a very good 2012. News of our remodeling next year.


Jared and Mary