Dear Family and Friends,                                                                                                     Christmas 2012


Here is a pictorial review of SOME of the highlights of our year (limited by space and lack of pictures).


DSC09676.JPG     DSC09681.JPG

Feb. 16 we visited Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse in FL with neighbors Doug & Sharon Anderson.


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Feb. 27 we visited Green Cay Wetlands and Nature Center. Saw Wood Stork & Least Bittern.

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Mar. 29,30. I went back to FL to see woodturning demo and do a class with world famous woodturner David Ellsworth.  Samples of his work (priced $400 - $7500) & us holding a demo bowl he turned & I won!


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The 1st part of 2012 was dedicated to getting new floors throughout the house.  Hardwood in dining and living rooms, tile in kitchen, laundry and master bath with new tile shower.  New rugs in other rooms.



While in FL,  I started riding 100 miles a week and decided a new full carbon (with Ultegra) road bike would be nice.  I found a good 32 mile loop from home without too hard steep hills.



That table saw pictured above was involved in the "biggest event" of the year.  On June 17, Fathers Day, while cutting some wood for turning, I reached with my left hand for that piece of wood sitting beside the blade in the picture and a fraction of a second later I was missing the end of my middle finger, the ends of the index and ring fingers were only attached by a bit of flesh, and all the meat on my thumb was gone.  In 5 hours of surgery the doctor reattached the end of my index and ring finger and sewed up the thumb & middle fingers.  He determined  it was best not to try to attach the middle finger.  I stayed in the hospital 5 days, mainly so they could pump antibiotics into me.  Since the first surgery I have had 2 additional surgeries, losing the end of the index finger in the last.  Mary and I have made 24 visits to the wound/physical therapist and 8 to the doctor.  Healing is taking place but the hand is still stiff and sore.  I am still on some pain medication, but am able to use the hand more as time goes by.  After riding my bike for shorter distances my last ride was the 32 mile loop, which shows I am getting better!  Slow but sure.  Doctor visits for me outnumbered those for Mary this year, whose health has been good.



Nov. 28 I became a professional woodturner with my first sales at the Adventist Retired Workers Craft Show. 


DSC00286.JPG     DSC00287.JPG

Pictured above are turning challenges from a woodturning club.  The 1st was to turn something out of a 2x4.  I won first place & $20 gift certificate.  The second was to turn something beginning with a 2x2x2 inch block.  Pictured is a 2x2x2 block & a small bowl I turned from one. (No prize this time.)


DSC00262.JPG     DSC00255.JPG

A Sweetwood bowl and a Christmas ornament I recently turned.


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!  

Jared & Mary