Dear Friends,


I got up about 8:00 this morning as I wanted to get a haircut before we go on our way this morning.†† Jane and Dolph were almost ready to pull out when I left at about 8:40.When I got to the barber shop I found it did not open until 9:00 so I just waited.†† When I got back Jane and Dolph had already gone.We got out of there a little after 12:00 and spent some time shopping at the Gaylord Walmart.We did not rush at all today as we had lots of time to get to Escanaba.We stopped at a rest area to eat supper, which was leftovers we brought home from the restaurant last night.


We got to the Escanaba Walmart at about 6:30 and the first thing we did was look for where we might get some IC.I donít remember Sharon and Doug letting us know that there was a Culverís right at the Walmart here!It was good as usual.


I forgot to tell about one thing that happened on the trail yesterday.As we were riding along Mary asked for me to stop so she could talk to Jane.When I stopped, Mary got out of her chariot, took off her sunglasses and glasses, and had Jane look in her eye.Mary thought she was having some sort of real problem with her vision as she was seeing a yellow spot ≠ not all the time but it would come a go.Jane could not see anything in her eye, but Mary insisted there was something wrong.And Jane found it.There was a small yellow spot on her glasses!We all had a good laugh.


A couple of you have asked for a picture of Queen Mary and the Slave, so I will attempt to attach one to this message.


I have been having big problems with Maryís computer which I use when we travel.Twice now it has refused to start Windows and has taken a lot of time to get it going.So, in case I am not able to get it going tomorrow, this may be the last installment of the trip.So donít be too worried if you donít continue to get regular installments.


Bye for now.