Dear Friends,


Greeting from WI, as this is the first installment being sent from WI.


We did not have be best night in Escanaba.The street sweeper was cleaning the Walmart parking lot at 2:00am!Then we found that just on the other side of the fence where we parked was the delivery area for a large grocery store which was busy by 5:00am.


I let Mary sleep in and we did not leave Escanaba until a little after noon.But we still had plenty of time to get here to Potawatomi State Park by 3:00 central time.Our friends, Terry and Marlene Seifert were here waiting for us, but they claimed that they had not waited long.We enjoyed pizza and raspberries for supper and a nice campfire this evening.


It was a bit on the warn side when we went to bed last night, but it cooled off nicely during the night.Today was great, mid to high 70s.Tonight promises to be cool again, but only low 60s.


Not much to tell about today as it was mainly travel.The drive along Lake Michigan is always nice = very beautiful at times.


Thatís all for today.