Dear Friends,


We had a wonderful weekend with our friends, Terry and Marlene Seifert.The weather was great, cool nights and nice warm days.We did a lot of sitting and talking and eating.The campfire on both nights was great.Camping and campfires seem to go together, but these were the first we had on our trip.


We did go for a nice ride Sabbath afternoon.First we drove to the tower, a 70 foot wooden structure with 99 steps.What a view we had from the top.We spotted some large white birds off in the distance on Sturgeon Bay, but were not able to reliability identify them due to the distance.So we drove out of the park and started to look for them.At first we did not find them, and drove way around the bay.We stopped at a park we had spotted from the tower on the other side of the bay.On the way back around we finally spotted the white birds and were able to identify them and Tundra Swans.I think there were five adults and two immature ones ≠ too large to be called cygnets.I believe that a couple of the larger ones were also immature.


Sunday morning we went for a nice walk and spent some time along the shore just watching the boats and the water.Again the weather was just perfect in the shade.It was a bit too hot in the sun, but the walk was mostly under the trees.


We left the park about 3:00 and headed out to Mark and Kariís place near Westfield, to meet up with Doug and Sharon.After a stop in Green Bay for gas, we found a Taco Bell and had a bite to eat.When we were about 15 miles from Mark and Kariís, Doug called and told us that they were heading out for Culverís.At first we hesitated, but it did not take too long for us to decide we would meet them there at Culverís even though it meant a little backtracking for us.Really it was not far for us and we were there well before they were.


After enjoying the good IC, we followed Doug back to Mark and Kariís and parked there for the night.We plan to ride bikes on some of the back roads near here in the morning and then try the Leroy-Sparta Trail on Tuesday.


Thatís all for tonight.