On Sunday morning, we all (six of us) went to Alma, MI and rode the Fred Meijer Hartland Trail back to Cedar Lake.  It was a great 16 mile ride and Mary rode like a queen in her cart.  We call her Queen Mary when we ride.  I am thinking of getting a “Queen Mary” sign for the cart and one for the bike that says “Slave.” 


We have all been eating together about 4-5 pm.  It makes it easy since we have three cooks, and each of us only has to do a small part.  On Sunday, Jane went to one of her sister’s house to help her with some sweet corn she was preparing and came home with a dozen ears of the best corn we have had so far.  We have been doing the corn in the microwave, which is fast, and the corn tastes good.


After supper, one of the volunteers at the green house offered to give us a tour.  It was interesting to see how they grow the vegetables and strawberries.  They appear to be producing lots, but our tour guide indicated that they have not found a market for all the produce they grow.  It appears like a huge investment is taking place and maybe not enough planning has been done.  They are in the process of building large processing building for the produce.


Jane, Dolph, and I did a self guided tour on foot of the campus of Great Lakes Adventist Academy on Monday morning and we all stopped at Cedar Lake Foods and bought some meat substitutes at the factory store before we broke camp and headed north to Grayling.  We found the campgrounds at Camp Au Sable to be very nice.  It has full hookups and is shaded.  Diamonds and Bruckners were concerned about finding camping places over the Labor Day weekend so paid to stay at Au Sable for a week.  Andersons are planning to leave for WI on Thursday so they can be at their daughters place for the Labor Day weekend.


We have spent a few evening playing Rook.  I have not kept track of who won the most, but one game was very interesting.  Mary and I were playing Doug and Dolph and a time limit was set for the game.  At the agreed time to stop, Mary and I had exactly zero points and won the game.  I think it was the first time I ever won a game with 0 points!!


Since I have been relating a couple of days at a time I am getting close to being up-to-date, but would like to have something to report on for a while, so will stop for today.


More to come…