Demonstration Page

Below is a list of demos that I do:

1.    Christmas Ornament

2.    Boxes with Threaded Lids (Using Jig)

3.    A”maze”ing Coin Puzzle Boxes

4.    Toothpick Dispenser

5.    Emerging Bowls

6.    Multi-Axis Hollowing

7.    Trinket Boxes

Here are some pictures of completed pieces:

Christmas Ornaments:

DSC03973.JPG   DSC03976.JPG   DSC03977.JPG   DSC03978.JPG   DSC03979.JPG   DSC03982.JPG

Boxes with Threaded Lids:

DSC04023.JPG   DSC04025.JPG      DSC04010.JPG   DSC04012.JPG

DSC04015.JPG   DSC04016.JPG      DSC04028.JPG   DSC04029.JPG

DSC04031.JPG   DSC04033.JPG      DSC04036.JPG   DSC04041.JPG

A”maze”ing Coin Puzzle Boxes:  These boxes all have a coin showing and a hidden maze through which a pin must traverse in order to release the coin.

DSC04044.JPG   DSC05050.JPG   DSC04047.JPG   DSC04049.JPG

DSC04050.JPG   DSC04051.JPG      DSC04053.JPG   DSC04056.JPG

Toothpick Dispenser:

DSC03990.JPG   DSC03993.JPG      DSC03996.JPG   DSC03998.JPG      DSC04002.JPG   DSC03999.JPG

Emerging Bowls:

DSC04065.JPG   DSC04068.JPG   DSC04069.JPG   DSC04070.JPG

Multi-axis Hollowing:

DSC05039.JPG   DSC05034.JPG

DSC05036.JPG   DSC05037.JPG

Trinket Boxes:

DSC05339.JPG     DSC05340.JPG     DSC05344.JPG

         DSC05352.JPG     DSC05354.JPG     DSC05356.JPG